Focus Events & Catering is a leader in the Sports Hospitality & Management business

We have worked on programs such as the Olympic Games and the coveted Masters Tournaments, to simply name two of our countless past programs both domestically and internationally .

Focus Events & Catering provides all encompassing services during these events that allow you to obtain one of the hardest things to achieve during hospitality events- quality time with, and for, your clients. The fast paced business climate of never having enough time, countless emails over handwritten notes, up to the minute meeting updates to your mobile, quality time with your client, or allowing your client quality time with their family, are hard to come by but critical moments of any multi-day, multi-million dollar fast paced sports hospitality event.

Focus Events & Catering helps you achieve those key client “moments” by handling every aspect of your event with your guests’ comfort and time in mind. By entertaining your guests beyond each individual sporting event you will be targeting sales, market direct, and brand better than any marketing program or ad buy you could imagine. Great hospitality is a tool that has consistently proven to ensure repeat business and brand loyalty between you and your top clients.

In a global market of innumerable client entertainment options, sports hospitality is the most broadly accepted, appreciated, wholesome and achievable programs you can develop. Whether by creating a space inside the fence or themed environment outside the fence, Focus Events & Catering will provide an experience that has your clients looking forward to their return. What more could you ask for?

Focus Events & Catering – providing direction to your next event.